Everyone born in the last 60 years knows that B.B. King is the "King of the Blues." But if you've taken that title for granted and need a refresher on how revolutionary King was as a guitarist and a singer in the '50s and '60s, there's a great new documentary, The Life of Riley, that will help set you straight. It's an excellent film with great footage both old and new.

If you need to listen to some key records before you dive in to the DVD, check out the sides that King cut for Sun Records and RPM in the early '50s with a variety of archtops including an Epiphone.

Two of King’s greatest recordings were made on the road and are a must-have for any great record collection. Check out Live at the Regal and Live at Cook County Jail to learn the a.b.c.’s of King’s one-of-a-kind tone.  And then, get your hands on an Epiphone B.B. King Lucille, which B.B. personally designed. It's simply one of the best guitars you could ever own. 'Tell 'em B.B. sent you.