A Tour of Abbey Road

All of our Epiphone fans in the UK should take note that this month, Abbey Road Studios in London is opening its doors to welcome visitors for exclusive tours of Studio 2 where The Beatles recorded the majority of their songs. 

Visitors will also get a glimpse of famed Studio 1, where many of the great soundtracks were recorded including Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the Harry Potter Films.  (Not to mention "Sgt. Pepper's Reprise.") The talks will be hosted by Brian Kehew and Kevin Ryan, authors of Recording The Beatles, a must-have for Beatle fans and musicians who want to know more about analog recording.  Visit Abbey Road for more details.  You can also read more of Epiphone's coverage of the history of Abbey Road here including a great vintage clip of future Beatles engineer Norman Smith working on a session in Studio 3 where most of Revolver was recorded. 

The video below shows highlights from the 2012 Abbey Road tour.  If you're in London this month, don't miss it.