American Songwriter Shops for EpiphoneIt's almost time for the holidays and that's good news for Epiphone fans. As usual, Epi has deals-galore when it comes to finding the right guitar or bass for beginners or for Rocksmith 2014 players.  And, our 140th anniversary year saw the launch of not only the Tommy Thayer "Spaceman" Les Paul but a few other goodies like the Epiphone 50th Anniversary 1962 Crestwood Custom which came out late in 2012 but reached a lot of retailers earlier this year. 

American Songwriter featured the Epi Crestwood Custom in their holiday buyer's guide--definitely the coolest model in the photo spread.   And our pal Captain Kirk Douglas also picked one up this year, too.  Be sure to hear Kirk in action with Elvis Costello in the Roots this fall. What's on your holiday list?

Epiphone 50th Anniversary 1962 Crestwood Custom