Beady Eye On FilmFans are divided on Beady Eye but not on whether they are rock's answer to the next big thing. At one time they were perhaps. And they're quite good actually. No dilemma there. They are rock's answer to Oasis, at least until the Gallagher brothers decide they're better off together or that they each need a new pool in their backyard.  (There's not a lot of sun in London but it is up there).

But Beady Eye are still trying to make waves and everyone knows you're not really a band until you make a documentary. So, to fill that void, Beady Eye have just released a new film, Start Anew? On the Campaign Trail with Beady Eye, that follows the group as they get ready to release their new (second) album, BE.  The doc naturally features Liam Gallagher wrestling with all the things he doesn't like such as Oasis ("I don't want to be singing someone else's songs for the rest of my life") and his brother Noel ("I don't want to be in a band with someone who's in control all the time").  But for all the whining, there is also something very human about Liam that comes through, too. He's still frustrated, he still cares, and he's still trying to be here now. He's honest at least.

There is some strong language here (the usual UK rock star vocabulary) but it's a good little film, especially if you still love the music and you should. It's rock and roll, after all. It's too late to go out in a 'Champagne Super Nova' perhaps but what comes next might even be better.