Black Sabbath's Lucky NumberThere's a great new interview with Black Sabbath in Rolling Stone which features photos of Ozzy and Epiphone's Tony Iommi going over new material for the album, 13, due this spring.  

Both Ozzy and Tony are at their (unintentional) hilarious best, even when they're lamenting the near fatal fire that roared through Ozzy's ("normal day in the Osbourne house") and Rick Rubin's suggestion to return to the sound of their first album by adding Cream's Ginger Baker on drums ("Bloody hell?").  

All we really know about the album so far is that at least two songs clock in at over 5 minutes and that drummer Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine is filling in for founding member Bill Ward. "I'd never heard louder instruments in my life," says Wilk about his audition. "And I've played in some pretty loud bands."  

Get ready for 13 and stay here on for more news soon.  Read the interview here.
And as for the intensity that Wilk talked about, you can see it all right here in Sabbath's show in Birmingham last year.  Watch Ozzy's curses at the beginning but the music takes off at :54 and never lets up.