Costello and The Roots Conjure GhostsElvis Costello and The Roots will release their debut collection Wise Up Ghost this fall featuring Epiphone fan Captain Kirk Douglas on his (now restored) Epiphone '61 Crestwood which Prince cermoniously threw to the ground on national tv earlier this year. 

Now, the Crestwood is back together and being put to good use. As for Costello, he's a longtime vintage Epiphone fan as well (watch the clip below with T-Bone Burnett). Hopefully these masterminds of pop shot some footage in the studio while they were tracking.

The Roots will be moving with Jimmy Fallon to take over the Tonight Show which will broadcast from NBC in Manhattan for the first time since the early 70s.  But first, it's time for Wise Up Ghosts which shows Costello in a playful mood.

"Over the three appearances I made over as many years, we worked out a methodology for this record without even realizing we were doing it,"  Costello told the Wall Street Journal. "I know how to put a lot of words in a small space…I'm quite prepared to explore another way to say it, with a more spacious groove."

Check out our exclusive interview with the Captain from this spring.  And we'll be talking to both Elvis and the Captain soon about Wise Up Ghosts.