There's no rock and roll fan out there who doesn't wish the Rolling Stones well in their 50th year in showbiz while at the same time, also wondering quietly under their breath if perhaps Keith's arthritis and that coconut-to-the noggin' have left his guitar chops wanting. Or perhaps that the slower tempos, the big stages, and the hoopla have washed away the grit and grime that the Stones need to really put on a great show.

Dave Grohl Joins The Rolling Stones in AnaheimThe clip below, shot from the front row, of Epiphone fan Dave Grohl joining the Stones on stage in Anaheim to cover the Sticky Fingers classic "Bitch," should put those concerns to rest--at least for now.  Charlie Watts certainly hasn't lost a step and Ron and Keith seem to be handling everything just fine.  More importantly, the fan-shot video has what the squeaky clean "properly" mixed shows on the Stones' website have been missing---the sweat and va-voom of a rock concert. 

Why not dispense with the digital "sweetening" and just let it rock? You can bet Mr. Grohl suggested the same thing backstage.  Meanwhile, we're now hearing more details about The Rolling Stones' soon-to-be historic show at Hyde Park on July 6 in London featuring The Vaccines and our own Gary Clark Jr. along with Loom, and Tribes.

Dave Grohl Joins The Rolling Stones in AnaheimFor the Stones, it will be their first time back at Hyde Park since Mick Taylor joined the band in the late 60's and for Gary Clark Jr., it will be his third appearance on stage with the Stones not counting rehearsals and jam sessions.  Mick, Keith, Charlie, and Ron, are avowed fans of Clark and gave him a standing ovation backstage after his appearance with the Stones last year in Brooklyn. And put up the great photo of Clark on stage with the Stones--high praise indeed. But what's it like to be on stage between Keith and Ron?

"Loud," Clark told Epiphone, "It was cool. They're both great guitar players. The thing that's cool about them is their rhythm stuff is so amazing. I try to be respectful and remember the fact that I'm a guest and not get in the way. They're pretty welcoming so it's great. It went by so fast. I just tried hard not to mess up. I didn't soak it up as much as maybe I should have."

If you're in the UK in July, don't miss it. We'll be watching.