Dee Snider Gets Roasted at the GroveTonight, longtime Epiphone fan and artist Dee Snider will enjoy--and suffer through--one of the great traditions in entertainment--the celebrity roast.  The 2nd Annual Revolver and Guitar World Rock & Roll Roast, sponsored by Epiphone, will see Dee's longtime friends and colleagues unload their frustrations and sing his praises while Dee has to just sit there and take it.  

"It’s less offensive when your friends make fun of you,” Snider told the Orange County Register. “These guys are friends of mine so I can take all of this in stride. My son Shane, he’s a comedian as well so he’ll be on the dais, too, roasting me. When it’s close friends and family you don’t take too much of it to heart, but if complete strangers start tearing into you, that hurts a little.”

Magician and comedian Penn Jilette will serve as roast master and Anthrax's Scott Ian, WWE's Mick Foley, and our own Zakk Wylde--who was last year's inaugural roastee, will take turns doing their best Don Rickles impression.

"There’s nothing to say that should hurt Snider,” he says. “I mean, he’s been in the business for how long? The minute you step into this world, it’s a plethora of comedy. He’ll be up there dying laughing, too, man. It just goes to show how much people really do care about you in a very sick and twisted way.”

Funny, cool, sick, twisted, and rockin'--sounds like an Epiphone night to us. Stay tuned for highlights.