Duke Robillard On TourEpiphone hero Duke Robillard’s new album, Independently Blue is a highlight in a long career of great music and it's sure to be one of the best albums of 2013.  Duke is on the road in Europe through March, showing off the new collection but look for Duke in the US in the late spring and early summer including the T-Bone Walker Festival in June. 

"The variety of musical styles is all part of what I am all about and the blues sensibilities within all the tracks - even when nodding to rock and roll, R&B or jazz - shows our strength as a band," said Robillard. "The addition of Mike Welch added a blues fire to everything and I am really happy about the instant rapport Mike and I had, and what a great team we made coming up with parts for the songs."

Stay tuned for more big news from our favorite Duke soon.