Epiphone Headlines NME

NME is hitting 2013 with all cylinders firing and to kick things off, they have a new interview with Liam Gallagher, who surrounds himself with Epiphone archtops (and other fab-related things) for just about every musical endeavor we've known him for.  Beady Eye has been burning up tape at Abbey Road and we can look forward to a new album in time for this summer's festivals.  NME pretends to be worried about his reputation, but we're not.

Also, in this issue you'll get the inside scoop on the new Stone Roses documentary featuring super Jack Casady bassist Gary Mani Mounfield, and the latest on Epiphone Shearton II devotees Vampire Weekend, who are back with a new album this spring that's sure to go #1.

“We’ve been working like maniacs for a long time," Ezra Koening told Consequences of Sound recently. "The time is not so far away, we promise.” Ezra revived their breakaway hit "Oxford Comma" recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live performing on his trusty Epiphone Sheraton II.  (Watch for the expletive parents because your kids already know it's there!).