Epiphone, Living History

If Rocksmith 2014 is your gateway into learning how to play guitar or bass, then check out our Epiphone history page for some background into the wild and spirited story of the House of Stathopoulo.

Epiphone, Living HistoryEpiphone has been the choice of every (and we do mean every) great artist of the 20th century.  The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Les Paul, John Lee Hooker, The Beach Boys, Joe Pass, Roy Orbison, the Kinks, The Who, Jimmy Page, Robbie Robertson of The Band, Kurt Cobain, and many others made historic recordings with Epiphone. And today Zakk Wylde, Slash, Radiohead, Gary Clark Jr., Brendon Small, Frank Iero, Alabama Shakes, FUN, Franz Ferdinand, The Stone Roses, Paul McCartney, Tommy Thayer of KISS, Joe Bonamassa, Frank Iero, Paul Weller, The Flaming Lips, and Pokey LaFarge are doing the same.

Walter Carter, one of today's premier guitar historians, recently published The Epiphone Guitar Book which goes further into the history of the Stathopoulo family.

Check out our interview with Walter and then go plug in, tune up, and dive in to the new world of Rocksmith 2014.