Epiphone Rocks Record Store DayRecord Store Day is this Saturday, April 20, and if there is a vinyl mecca in your city or near your home, do yourself a musical favor and set aside your Saturday to check out what's going on.  There's a musical revolution happening out there and if you love to play guitar (and that's why you're here, after all), you need to get involved.

Yes, vinyl can seem slightly impractical--that is until you discover the joys of slowing down your life and listening.  Really listening.  After all, your favorite artists, including Gary Clark Jr., Vampire Weekend, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, and many, many others are participating. Your favorite musicians spent a lot of time and money in the studio to make great, inspired sounds.  Don't you owe it to yourself to hear what it's all about? To hear what they were after? If you've spent you life wearing headphones, you don't know what you're missing. Wake up and smell the shellac.

And it's a lot easier to play an Epiphone Casino or Ltd. Edition Genesis Deluxe PRO or Brendon Small Thunderhorse along to your favorite record than it is to strum along to the boa-constricted sound of an mp3.  And Record Store Day is not just about records. There are new music books, DVD's, posters (like the limited edition Hendrix poster above) and all kinds of great stuff coming to participating stores along with pop up live performances, food trucks, games for the kids, and utter music mayhem. It's about connecting, just like we do here at Epiphone.  The Black Keys, the Stooges. Gary Clark Jr., Joan Jett, Bob Dylan, The Doors, X and dozens more have done the hard work. The rest is up to you.  Fire up the Crosley's start spinning.