Frank Iero Springs BackLast spring, Frank Iero spoke with about the break up of My Chemical Romance. But at the time, the wound was still raw and Frank was at a loss to say much more than "life happened. The band ran its course. We had an amazing 12 years together, which I wouldn't trade in for the world. But it had just come time for the band to end and for a new chapter to begin."

Frank quickly got back on track with his new band Death Spells and several sold out shows (and surprise club gigs) in and around NYC. 

Now, Frank has told NME that he knew My Chemical Romance was perhaps never meant for a long run but the break-up still came as a surprise. "It was a long time coming. But I didn't foresee it happening at that moment," said Iero. "The announcement and what happened. It was done for the right reasons. I just wish the timing was a bit different."

Catch our exclusive interview with Frank from this spring and also from his launch of the fantastic Epiphone Wilshire Phant-o-matic which we brought to Frank before a sold-out show with MCR and Blink-182.