Gary Clark Jr., McCartney Release Rare VinylRecord Store Day, (better known as the springtime hipster apocalypse), is only a month away and Epiphone fans will be glad to know the House of Stathopoulo will be well represented.

Paul McCartney is releasing a limited edition 12” EP featuring a live version of “Maybe I’m Amazed” taken from the 1976 live album, Wings Over America.  Word has it McCartney will release the remastered concert on cd and LP later this year along with the 1980 concert film RockshowGary Clark Jr. will also release a limited edition 12 “ EP featuring a live performance of “When My Train Comes In.” Only 1000 copies will be printed. 

And Record Store Day Ambassador Jack White has reached into the Third Man vault for a limited edition remastered pressing of Elephant, the most excellent White Stripes classic recorded at Toe Rag studios and the BBC's Maida Vale studio in London (where Bowie and Bing sang Christmas carols).  Look for Elephant on split color black and red and white vinyl in all its analog splendor. 

Gary Clark Jr., McCartney Release Rare VinylThe icing on the shellac cake might be the limited edition poster of Jimi Hendrix in a London record shop taken shortly before the release of Are You Experienced in 1967. Break open the piggy bank, bring a snack, and get ready for long lines of vinyl hungry hipsters.