Guitar World Features the Ultra 339Our friends at Guitar World recently dug into the Epiphone Ultra 339 which features a Shadow NanoMag pickup, stereo and USB outputs, a built-in tuner, and Epiphone ProBucker pickups which have become all the rage thanks to our eye opening ProBucker Challenge video. Check out their review:

Nearly perfect since its introduction in 1958, the semihollow ES-335 is one of the most versatile electric guitars ever developed. With its new Ultra-339 model, Epiphone has improved the classic semihollow guitar design by using a smaller body and adding updates, like a NanoMag pickup system and a USB output"

As a result, the Ultra-339 provides greater playing comfort, a variety of acoustic-electric and classic electric tones and the ability to plug into a computer to control amp and effect emulation software without an external I/O device, all without sacrificing the sexy looks, awesome sound and exceptional playability that have made the ES-style semihollow electric a timeless instrument.

Check out the video demonstration (with the good Dr. Epiphone!) and play one today at your favorite authorized Epiphone dealer.