Happy Birthday to the Duke Happy Birthday to Epiphone's Duke Robillard who turned 65 last weekend. The Woonsocket, Rhode Island native manages to be everywhere at once--producing, writing, saluting heroes like Chuck Berry at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and of course performing.  This year's Epiphone of choice for Duke has been his 1962 50th Anniversary Epiphone Sheraton .

"I've been using that on my jazz gigs and recordings--really anytime I'm playing different kinds of music. It really does seem to absolutely fit the bill for everything," Robillard told Epiphone.  "One of the things I love about the Sheraton is that it's got that longer reach up the neck. It gives me the ability to play anything on it easily. And I've always loved the mini-humbuckers because you can get a hollowbody sound but you can also get a tight treble-type sound so it works in place of any guitar. That's really become my main guitar."

Duke released a new record this year, Independently Blue, with longtime pal Monster Mike Welch on guitar and even spent a short stint on the road with the ultimate road dog, Bob Dylan.  Duke is back where he belongs now, fronting his own quintet and tearing audiences up with a repertoire that leaves 99 1/2% of other guitarists in the dust.  But he's never strayed far from home. In fact, he'll even visit Chan's in Woonsocket twice before the year is out. Read up on Duke in our exclusive interview from earlier this year.  Happy Birthday Duke from all of us at Epiphone!