Homer and Jethro Jazz Up EpiphoneToday, we turn the way-back machine to the 1950s when Homer and Jethro, the funniest fellows that ever tortured a plectrum, ruled the hillbilly supper club circuit. 

There are probably a lot of you out there who have never experienced Homer and Jethro. On the surface, they were the kings of cornball country comedy in an era that also produced Nichols and May, Lenny Bruce, and the 2000 Year Old Man. But Homer and Jethro were just as intellectual in their own way.  Think of them as something like a Rubik's cube that talked back.

Below the surface, the duo were formidable pickers.  Homer and Jethro could hold their own with Chet Atkins (whom they often backed in recording sessions) Grady Martin, and Hank Garland (and probably Tal Farlow as well).  And as you can see from this classic clip, Homer had impeccable taste in guitars. Here, he's keeping time on an acoustic version of the Epiphone Broadway--very much like our Emperor Regent--with a Frequensator tailpiece, just like the one found on our '62 Sheraton.  

Hold onto your seat as Homer and Jethro perform a song "we've had little or no success with."  As for their wives, they are likely "out in the parking lot, in the trunk of the car."