Jason Ringenberg In Search of A SongPRX host Jason Wilber recently interviewed Epiphone's Jason Ringenberg for their program In Search of A Song. In his youth as the leader of Jason and the Scorchers, the tall lanky farm kid from Illinois was renown for climbing billboards and kicking over many a record label exec’s free drink to prove the point that his heart was true and his boots were made of leather.  And, if you didn’t like real country music, why then--may Hank have pity on your poor soul.

Today, Jason is known as Farmer Jason, an Emmy Award winning performer for kids and a proud Epiphone artist for over twenty years. For over a decade, Jason has been quietly breaking ground in the crowded world of children’s music teaching kids about the environment—a topic other children’s artists are now beginning to take on themselves. Pioneering seems to come naturally to Ringenberg.

And can he still rock? Hell yeah. Check it out.