This month, KISS begins celebrating four decades of high decibel rock and roll and Epiphone is celebrating right with them (though we have 100 years on them but who's counting).  You already know that the Epiphone Tommy Thayer Signature "Spaceman" Les Paul is on the way.  Read our exclusive interview with Tommy and his fascinating story of how he got to LA, meeting KISS, and becoming the "Spaceman."

KISS and comic books go together, too, and Chris Ryall and artists Alan Robinson have published a new comic book, Mars Attacks KISS, that belongs in everybody's collection. Great artwork and a killer story, too.

And if that's not enough, Paul Stanley is celebrating a birthday this week.  Visit the website for more details (the KISS Army still wants you!) and check out this classic NBC clip on the "hype and glory" of KISS from 1977.  You can be sure KISS, and not NBC, got the last laugh.