Machine Head Look To Fans for New BassistAs some of you already know, Machine Head bassist Adam Duce left the band last February after two decades on the road and in the studio. After a period of public bloodletting, Robb Flynn (who does that better than anyone) announced that Machine Head were holding auditions for a new bassist to cover the band for the Mayhem Festival tour.

This week, Machine Head announced that the auditions were officially over and the lucky winner will be announced shortly. "Machine Head would like to thank each and every person for their YouTube submissions as part of the bass / vocal auditioning process," said the band in a statement. "A lot of hard work and effort went into each and every submission, with many people bravely making them public for the whole world to see and judge both their singing and playing, mostly fairly. It took a lot of brass to do that and we earned an even greater respect for our fans in doing so."

Look to for the official announcement soon.