New Paul McCartney Album This SummerWe just got word that Paul McCartney's new album will be finished next month and features PM working with several producers including Glyn Johns's son Ethan, Giles Martin (son of Beatles producer George Martin), and Mark Ronson, who worked with Amy Winehouse.

“They’re really good people. I knew their work, and I knew they were very good, so I just thought: ‘Let me see if I get on with them.’ I thought one might sort of rise to the top. They’re cool people whose work I liked,” McCartney told the BBC, “Of course, what’s happened is, I like them all.”

As for the sound? "It’s Paul McCartney songs. What can I say? Paul McCartney songs are varied. There will be a ballad, there will be a rocker — I don’t know how to classify them. I guess the worst thing for me would be to call them ‘pop songs.’ But it’s probably what they are. I hate those categories.”

Let's hope all of these producers encouraged McCartney to get his bass playing way out front where it belongs. We can't wait. Here's a classic clip of Paul showing a reporter around his home studio, which is filled with Abbey Road instruments used by The Beatles.