New Strokes Album in 2013The word is out that longtime Epiphone fans The Strokes will have a new album out this year.  A debut single, "All the Time," is slated to premier on Seattle rock station 107.7 soon.  The station announced on Facebook that the band's label, RCA, had let the station's dj's audition the new song.  "We'll have to 'leak' this soon," announced the station. "You won't be disappointed..."

And if you can trust anyone, trust Albert Hammond Jr.'s Dad who told NME that "Albert says that the stuff they're doing is incredible," said Hammond Sr. "They're doing it themselves with their friend, engineer and producer. He just says, 'Dad, it's incredible'."  The boys have reportedly been hard at work over the last few months at Electric Lady Studios in New York.  Stand by!