On Tour With The NationalThe June issue of Mix Magazine features a look at Epiphone artists The National, who are in the limelight lately thanks to their excellent new album, Trouble Will Find Me

"For a lot of people, it takes awhile for our records to really sink in,” multi-instrumentalist Aaron Dessner told Mix. “We try to make our records interesting in terms of how the songs unfold and develop—the dynamics—and, of course, Matt (Berninger's) lyrics usually aren’t that obvious, even when they’re fairly direct.”

The Mix feature goes into detail on microphone placement tips in the studio for guitars as well as drums and voice. If you're working from home, don't be dismayed by the fine equipment.  The band's can-do attitude and garage-demos are the key to their sound.  Check it out, pick up a Sheraton II,  and get going on your own masterpiece.