On Tour with Annihilator Epiphone's Jeff Waters is on tour with his band Annihilator, slaying audiences with his custom signature Epiphone Annihilation-V. The quartet are  supporting their new album, Feast.  "As an artist, you're sometimes lucky when it all comes together, be it painting, singing or whatever. Sometimes you want to do something good and when you're busy with it, you seem to hit the nail on the head," Waters told Ghost Cult Magazine. "Maybe we were lucky with Feast and maybe we were inspired."

Waters also credits band mate Dave Padden for suggesting a break after a long steady haul of touring.  "I worked in my studio, gave guitar clinics for Gibson and Epiphone…The break breathed a lot of new life in the Annihilator music and that's probably where a lot of the inspiration came from."

Check out "King of the Hill," one of several videos taken by fans during the band's performance at Sound Control in Manchester. Look for more dates and clinics in the U.S. in 2014.