Paul Weller Live in PhillyPaul Weller is in Philadelphia tonight at Union Transfer performing songs from his latest album Sonik Kicks. Weller doesn't typically tour in the US so if you're in the Philly area, don't miss him.

“Most people my age, their musical life ended in the ’80s,” Weller told the New York Daily News on a recent stop to play the legendary Apollo. “They stick with what they know. But my tastes are much broader. And I don’t want to stop learning.”

Weller's voice and his sense of musical adventure is as strong as ever and recent box sets of his work with The Style Council as well as The Jam's final LP The Gift are turning on a whole new generation to his mix of pop, classic R&B styles, and world music.

“The whole mod thing has always been with me,” continues Weller. “Its deeply rooted in British working class culture of the postwar years. And it’s still going on. Kids who are 15 and 16, they’re digging it as well. It’s been able to adapt.”

Weller is also a big Epiphone fan and regularly travels with an early 60's vintage Casino and a "Dwight" Coronet.  Look for highlights here on