Paul Weller Sells Out the UKThe Guardian gave our man Paul Weller a five-star review for his recent gig at famed City Hall in Newcastle (where Bob Dylan raised some fury some 50 years ago).  The Guardian also shot some great photos of Paul and his vintage '64 Casino.

"Today, the 55-year-old is sporting a silver, slightly longer version of his punk-era mod cut," wrote Dave Simpson. "Piling into each song with barely a pause for breath, he looks so mean, edgy and hard that you suspect were he not on a stage, he would be doing something to attract the attentions of the police."

Weller's great reviews are following him all over the UK, in fact.  And just in time for Black Friday's Record Store Day, a limited edition vinyl box of all The Jam's original LPs will be out in late November featuring a download card for the entire box set, a t-shirt, and of course, all the singles. If you don't know The Jam, it's never too late to add to your rock and roll education. Look for some new Weller music early next year. For a taste of what UK audiences are getting these days, here's Paul live from Abbey Road last year with the same Casino.