Pokey LaFarge Cuts Loose Pokey LaFarge, a native of Illinois who currently calls St. Louis home, is quietly becoming a musical institution the hard way--one city at a time.  Hammering out sock rhythm on a classic 1946 Epiphone Spartan, Pokey leads a highly spirited and accomplished quintet in a blast of hot jazz and blues to ecstatic audiences on a never ending tour of the U.S., Europe, and next year, India.

Crowds love it, bar owners love it, bees and educated fleas love it. But this is not just an "act." This is seriously great music, the kind many of you out there have never experienced if you walk around with ear plugs on all day. The arrangements are great, the lyrics are inspired, and the music gets under your skin and stays there from note one.

These are the early days of an artist who is going to make a real mark on American music. And he's doing it, naturally, with an Epiphone. Currently on tour with the great Cholie Feoranzo on clarinet and sax, Pokey and his group will land in Nashville soon to premier their new album on Third Man Records and Epiphone will be there.  Stay tuned for our exclusive interview and look for Pokey and his band in your town soon.