Premier Guitar Loves the Genesis Deluxe PROPremier Guitar published a killer review of the Ltd. Ed. Epiphone Genesis Deluxe PRO in their June 2013 issue and described the guitar's sound, versatility, finish, and overall balance in glowing terms.

"Just like (Jim) Walker’s original design, the Genesis reissue glistens with both vintage vibe and forward-looking, player-centric features," wrote reviewer Matthew Holliman. "Regardless of amp size, the ProBuckers interact with effects pedals beautifully. Like many fuzz freaks, I love the sound of an aggressive buzz-saw tone coupled with single-coils, and it was a breeze to generate paisley-hued, Summer-of-Love tones with a Fulltone Octafuzz in the mix."

Go here to read the full review and learn more about the Genesis in our exclusive interview with Epiphone designer Jim Walker.

Premier Guitar Loves the Genesis Deluxe PRO