Premier Guitar Reviews The Epiphone 50th Anniversary 1962 Crestwood

Premier Guitar just posted a review of the Epiphone 50th Anniversary "1962" Crestwood and awarded it 4 out of 5 "Picks" in every category including Tones, Playability/Ease Of Use, Build/Design and Value. Here is reviewer Tyler Locke's verdict:

"Epiphone's Crestwood is well built, has a wide variety of rocking-to-mellow tones, and revives a mid-20th-century design that's still refreshingly individual. The sweet and musical New York mini-humbuckers are an underrated and underutilized pickup, and indeed, this guitar can do just about anything a P-90 equipped SG or Junior can do, but with a certain underdog charm. I was thoroughly impressed with the stability of the bridge. The Tremotone is not a poor man's Bigsby, but rather a very effective vibrato that, when coupled with the fully intonation-adjustable ABR-style bridge, is surprisingly stable. If your aim is to stand out in terms of style and sound, the Crestwood's combination of value, retro tones and playability makes it worth a serious look."

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