Reeling In the Years with Keith Richards

To help celebrate Epiphone's 140th anniversary, we're finding all kinds of great clips that show classic Epiphone artists in action.  This rarely seen performance of The Rolling Stones--a promo for the film archive Reelin' In The Years--shows The Stones performing their new single "Satisfaction" on stage in 1965 with Keith on his Epiphone Casino, which is likely the guitar he used for the original recording of "Satisfaction" which was cut at RCA Studios in Hollywood. (It sure sounds like it when the primitive Gibson Maestro Fuzz cuts in about halfway through the song.)

Reeling In the Years with Keith RichardsToday, Keith sticks mostly with a vintage (and very hard to find) ES-345 when he's on stage. But some of our favorite early Stones recordings featured Keith on his Casino, which would soon be replaced by a late 50's Les Paul Standard with a Bigsby, a guitar that helped inspire Michael Bloomfield, Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Page to switch to humbuckers.  As for the whereabouts of Keith's Epiphone Casino (which appears to be a 1962, and very similar to the Casinos purchased by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison) no one knows...or remembers!