Reignwolf On the ProwlJust who is Reignwolf? Who is this rocking, shouting, snarling, 50th Anniversary Casino-throwing one-man band that's chewing audiences up all over the world? We do know his name is Jordan Cook and he's having the time of his life as Reignwolf, the side-burned spector of rock. He's got a new single featured in Rolling Stone today and scores of fans in the US and the UK who are true believers.  Yeah, what you hear may not be completely new. Hound Dog Taylor fans (and White Stripe fans) will hear some familiar grooves.  But so what? Reignwolf is neither myth, nor magic, nor manipulation. It's rock and roll and it's about time we heard some. Black Sabbath thinks so and will take Reignwolf on tour next year. The cat can play. There's no denying that.  And now with a filled-out trio of bass and drums, the energy on stage is just getting wilder. Full moon not required.