Robb Flynn's Rock and Roll DiaryIn case you missed it, Epiphone's Robb Flynn posted a journal entry honoring the late Cliff Burton, bassist for Metallica, a few weeks ago. Flynn always pours his heart into his journals which are about more than just music. They're also about finding inspiration and believing in your dreams---Robb Flynn style. 

“It’s amazing to think how the music world may (or may not) have been different had the tragic bus accident not taken his life,” wrote Flynn. "When Metallica took the stage, the world came alive…When it came time for Cliff’s "(Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth" bass solo, I just remember being mesmerized. I’d had so many metal debates with Jim and other friends that there’s no way that was a ‘bass’ solo. It was a ‘guitar’ solo. Fact. End-of-story. My mind was blown.”

Bring along your Love/Death Baritone Flying V and check it out.