Robben Ford Brings It Home With EpiphoneRobben Ford's new album, Bringing It Back Home, features Robben on the cover with a killer vintage Epiphone Riviera (perhaps the '63 Riviera that we saw in his feature in Vintage Guitar last December though that model had a Bigsby). 

The new album features some of Ford's favorite songs from the '60s.  "I wanted this record to have a quality of invitation--you know, come over to my house," said Ford.  "This music was made to make you feel good. What I wanted in this record was exactly that quality." 

And quality Epiphone's are all over the album which includes interpretations of songs by former boss Bob Dylan and Sam Cooke. Check out the clip below where Robben tries out a vintage Epiphone Sorrento in a music store in London and be sure to catch him on tour this year.  Look for the album February 18.