Robben Ford at Crown Guitar FestGuitar International is featuring a new interview with vintage Epiphone fan Robben Ford who has been touring with a classic 1966 Riviera to promote his great new album Bringing it Back Home which came our earlier this year. You can check out our previous feature here.

Ford talked to GI at the Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival and Workshop in Bigfork, Montana which has previously featured Epi's Joe Bonamassa. And in typical Ford style, he has no secrets when it comes to his sound, his interests, and his methods.

"I’m playing a ‘66 Epiphone Riviera, with my same Dumble amp head Ive been playing for thirty years on every record I’ve ever done," said Ford. "But this time I used just a single twelve cabinet, open backed, rather than my standard open-backed two by twelve cabinet. The idea was to focus the sound, reduce it a little so it wasn’t such a big sound."

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