Talkin' the Blues with Joe BonamassaAnytime Joe Bonamassa sits down (as in, not performing or releasing an album), is good news since Joe is such a passionate and eloquent spokesperson for guitarists.  Joe visited Epiphone in 2012 and it was a terrific conversation. (He even let us try his 1958 Les Paul Standard: "Here, check it out.") Here's Joe (with his custom 335) and pal George Benson discussing the common threads of blues and jazz as well as their shared love for B.B. King and T-Bone Walker.

For B.B. King fans, Epiphone's Lucille was designed with B.B.'s steadfast design support and features Classic Alnico pickups and a VariTone control.

For T-Bone Walker fans, check out the P93 Custom Riviera (also a favorite of Jeff Tweedy of Wilco) which features three P-90 pickups that have incredible sustain and variety of tone.

Talkin' the Blues with Joe Bonamassa

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