The Duke Goes BlueEpiphone's Duke Robillard, one of the great masters of American blues and rhythm and blues guitar styles, never stops rolling. This spring, the Duke will release a new album, Independently Blue (out  April 9). Duke will visit Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Belgium for a pre-album tour in March. 

"Independently Blue is a special album to me because it blends many of my favorite elements of blues, early rock & roll and jazz music,” Robillard said. “First of all, I am happy about all the songs and the feeling we captured on all the tracks. The variety of musical styles is all part of what I am all about and the blues sensibilities within all the tracks - even when nodding to rock and roll, R&B or jazz - shows our strength as a band."

While you're waiting for the new album, catch up on Duke's story in our exclusive Epiphone interview where Duke talks about the formation of Roomful of Blues and tries out a 50th Anniversary '61 Casino.