Bob Tanen of Bronze Radio Return (pictured right on an Epiphone Viola) and Carter King of the Futurebirds (below on an Epi ES-175) stopped by the Epiphone showroom in Austin, Texas last week during SXSW to perform to a packed house.  Though all the musicians were getting only a few hours of sleep each night and had long days of interviews, these performances were the one place where they could unwind and unwind they did. 

The Epi showroom shows was packed from noon until about 2am with fans and musicians, and you never knew who was going to walk through the door. 

Nick Cave, Prince, William Tyler, The Specials, Dave Grohl and the Sun City Players, and the Buddy and Jim show featuring Epi's Fats Kaplin were among the acts getting great press.  And of course, our own Gary Clark Jr. swept the Austin Music Awards. We'll see Clark next month in New York City at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Festival at Madison Square Garden. Look for more updates and exclusive interviews this week on