Vintage Epiphone and The WhoWe recently reported that Henry Grossman, one of the great photographers of the '60s, just released a special edition collection of 1,000 of his previously unseen Beatle photos through Curvebender Press which also published the fantastic Recording the Beatles

Now comes word that Grossman has also joined the stable of Rock Paper Photo, which includes collections by some of the greatest rock and pop photographers of the last 50 years.  Check it out.

When we went to look, we found this particularly interesting photo, shot by Dezo Hoffman, of the great John Entwistle of The Who perfoming with his Epiphone Rivoli bass.  Perhaps Jimmy Page bought this off of John after contributing rhythm to the sessions for The Who's "I Can't Explain," which was recorded 48 years ago this month in 1965.  Page was known to have a Rivoli on hand for session work, for the Yardbirds--and probably Led Zeppelin, too. Would you like to see this bass again?