Back in the Saddle with DwightThe Monterey Herald has a new feature on Dwight Yoakam that goes in-depth into Dwight's early days in the LA "cow punk" movement which brought us the very beginning of what we now call Americana.  Dwight was right there with the Blasters, X, and the Knitters, re-writing the book on both country and rock.

"I was blessed to be around when a lot of young former punk musicians — whose moms and dads were listening to that kind of music in their cars because a lot of them were second-generation Okies, Arkies and Texans — felt compelled to revisit that legacy of California culture," said Yoakam. "It was a vortex."

"There's only so much you can do on your own and then let fate take over. But you do have to be willing to persevere to allow time to catch up. It took me nine years after I got (to L.A.) before I enjoyed some success, which was a long time from when I rode out here in a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle. Just like they told Jed Clampett, 'This is the place you gotta be.'"

Yoakam is probably in his prime and with a vast catalog of hits behind him, his shows are not to be missed. Read the whole story here. And though his Epiphone "Dwight Trash" is but a limited edition memory, it's still worth checking out. You never know what you might find at your favorite Authorized Epiphone Dealer.