Epiphone Joins The Tonight ShowDon't forget that longtime Epiphone fans The Roots featuring our own Captain Kirk Douglas have a new album out, Wise Up Ghost, with fellow New Yorker (and vintage Epi fan) Elvis Costello. Read all about it on their official website

Epiphone spoke with Kirk at NBC Studios at Rockefeller Center about his new gig on the Tonight Show ("It's pretty great we got the call") his prized Epiphone Crestwood, and the night Prince came to town.

"And then Prince came on," Douglas told Epiphone.  "I was very excited to see him do the first song. He then came to me and said: 'You'll let me see that other guitar?' And then he went on to play the song and he's playing "Bambi," a Prince classic, and he's playing my guitar and I can't express how amazing it was to see that."

"At the end of the song," continued Douglas, "I thought he was going to play behind his head because he took the guitar off like this (demonstrates) but he kept going and then I just saw the thing sail in the air I just couldn't believe what I was seeing when it came flying to the ground."

Neither could anyone else. What happened next? Read all about it here. And don't be surprised if Costello soon joins the Roots for a spin on their new gig. The Tonight Show is back in NYC for the first time since 1972 and it's the hottest ticket around and will be for quite awhile.  Here's Elvis with his old pal T-Bone covering Chuck Berry on his Epi Zephyr.