Epiphone Salutes the British InvasionFifty years ago, the British invaded--big time. Though the battle was bloodless, the results were undeniable.  You might say we never recovered. And the first shot fired was a modified F played against a Gsus4 and a D bass note.  If you're over 30 and under 70, you know that's the opening salvo to the classic, A Hard Day's Night.

Part Jean Cocteau, part Marx Brothers, and all Beatles, the fab film is back in theaters (you know: the big buildings with giant television screens inside) this weekend.  You ought to go check it out.  This would, of course, require you to put down your guitar (difficult) and your phone (more difficult).  To fully enjoy the film, you would also have to refrain from doing anything else other than watching the film while you're in the theater (see above).  We're talkin' old-school-paying attention.  But the rewards will be great.  Yeah, we told you about it once. But now we have a guitar that you can take to the theater, the Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Union Jack Sheraton.

Epiphone Salutes the British Invasion

As for the film, by all accounts modern technology played a big role in restoring the 1964 film --sound and picture--to the exact standards of…1964.  The revisionist phase of the 80s is over.  Digital technology is now at the service of analog rather than the other way around.  "As-it-was" has replaced "improving the sound."  If you like rock and roll, this is a good thing.  So mods, rockers, and mockers unite.  Visit the behind-the-scenes feature for more Beatley tidbitsRead our special Epiphone feature on the inspiration for landmark film, and take a break from workin' like a dog.