Epiphone in Stained GlassWilliam Gerin, a Professor of Biobehavioral Health at Penn State University, and his colleague Joseph Gyekis are not unlike other guitar enthusiasts who have stayed devoted to their instrument despite a busy schedule.

But Professors Gerin and Gyekis have created something in their "spare time" that's a little more out-of-this-world than we've come to expect from mere weekend rockers. Check out the incredible video of Gerin and Gyekis' stained glass Epiphone Les Paul in action. It's a fully functioning Epiphone Les Paul but also a Les Paul like no other in the world.  So just what's going on inside this beast?

"There are actually two computers inside the guitar, one that controls the lighting in the body, the other controls the lighting in the neck," Gerin told Epiphone.  "The LEDs, each of which can take the value of red, green, or blue, can also mix them up in an infinite number of colors. Moreover, we plan to put control inputs that change the patterns depending, for example, on the loudness of the sound, or even the movement of the guitarist."

Stay tuned for an interview with Professor Gerin and more on this incredible guitar in the near future.