Kings of Leon Announce Fall TourThe Kings of Leon will be back in the U.S. starting July 31 to continue their tour to support their latest album, Mechanical Bull with Young the Giant and Kongos in support.  Needless to say, the lads put on a killer show. 

Check out their recent interview with the Independent where--among other things--they talk about flying cups of mysterious liquid at outdoor festivals and the sage advice of their trainer who advised the quartet to take better care of themselves in preparation for a gig. “Back in the day we played 186 shows in one year,” said drummer Nathan Followill. “You can do that when you’re 19 and you’re playing 30-minute sets and you’re the opening band...But when you’re doing a two-hour set in a stadium – my trainer says to me: ‘You’re like an athlete, a professional, and you have to keep your body in shape.’  I don’t think David Beckham would be drinking a glass of wine before a football match.”