Machine Head Delays New Album Next Friday, Epiphone’s Robb Flynn will host an all-star Black Sabbath Tribute featuring members of Metallica, Slayer, Death Angel, and Machine Head. The concert, which will be held January 17 at the Oakland Metro Operahouse in Oakland, CA, was partly organized by Spiralarms and Forbidden guitarist Craig Locicero.

“A good friend of ours and all around great person, Nikki Davis, was in a motorcycle accident with her husband Jeff. Sadly, Jeff died at the scene,” said Spiralarms. “Fortunately, Nikki survived but she was unconscious for a few days. She awoke to the daunting reality that her husband, soulmate and best friend had passed away. It was heartbreaking to all of us in the Bay Area scene. Robb Flynn and I have known Nikki for at least 25 years and she is a huge supporter of the Bay Area’s metal and punk scene.”

Flynn announced in a December entry to his online journal, The General Journals: Diary of a Frontman… And Other Ramblings, that Machine Head are taking their time before heading back into the studio. “With a new label, a new member, and this being the follow up to “Locust” all eyes are on us,” wrote Flynn. “This record cannot be rushed or hurried, it needs to be great. It needs to be classic Machine Head. It needs to be a timeless album. Our new label, Nuclear Blast agreed and said “hey, if it comes out in April or August, who cares? In 5 years, they’re only going to remember if it’s great or not.” In the meantime, go Baritone with the Epiphone and Robb Flynn designed Robb Flynn Love/Death Baritone Flying V with EMG-81 and HA pickups handpicked by the man himself. Look for highlights of the January 17 tribute show right here on