Trivium's Matt Heafy was the featured guest on a recent episode of Full Metal Jackie's radio show.  Heafy spoke about his latest album, Vengeance Falls, and working with producer David Draiman from Disturbed.
"David took such good care of us," said Heafy. "He became a mentor, a friend and a producer, a vocal coach, so much. When we weren’t being incredibly diligent and working regimented schedules in the studio, we were all just hanging out and doing the same thing.

"We all share the same love for food and hanging out, friends and family. It was a really great time…All five of us were always joking about the same stupid stuff. It’s great to have him as someone I was such a fan of as a kid, and still am, but someone that’s a friend now."  Read the full radio interview here

Trivum spoke to Epiphone about his recording process which is--as you might expect--all about music. "Since Trivium uses zero click tracks, backing tracks, backing musicians, or basically anything other than what the four of us can do at that moment live, naturally, everything is always a bit more raw than the album," Heafy told Epiphone.  "When recording a record, you can add depth with layered tracks and production. Live is the time and place for the band to shine."

Trivium kicks off the Mayhem Festival July 5 in San Bernadino.  Don't miss 'em!  And check out our latest interview with Matt about his signature custom Les Paul 6-string and 7-string.