Monkees On the RoadThe Monkees are back on the road with our pal John Billings on bass.  Here's a terrific shot with John and Micky Dolenz. Thanks to Sherri Hansen and John for the photo.

Almost every great 60s artist found their way into the Monkees story.  Their friends included The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Jack Nicholson, Harry Nilsson, Glen Campbell, the songwriting team of Boyce and Hart, and Neil Diamond.  Their story is a great one and the songs more than stand up. 

If the show comes to your town, take a moment to "step outside your mind" as Micky used to sing and check it out. Davey Jones is missed, of course, but a few bars of "For Pete's Sake" or "I"m A Believer" will more than get you to Clarksville.   Our classic interview with John from last year's tour is a good way to start your journey.

John plays an Epiphone Jack Casady bass exclusively on the tour. "I LOVE this bass! Admittedly, I've been chasing one for years, so this tour was the perfect place and excuse to get one in my hands," said Billings. "My first impression was how solid it was compared to other hollow body basses.

"The neck felt great and I didn't feel that ramp up time like you do when you pick up a bass for the first time. The tone was surprising as well: punchy and fat with a great mid range response. I really enjoy putting some dirt on it before hitting the amp on a few songs. Another interesting thing is you can slap on this bass. Most hollow body basses are tough for me to slap on, this one's great on some Larry Graham lines." 

Good luck with the tour John!  And be sure to check out the new Ltd. Ed. Jack Casady Bass in Alpine White coming this summer.

Monkees On the Road