New Paul Weller CollectionIt's always good news at Epiphone when we can announce a new Paul Weller collection.  The master of Mod will release More Modern Classics, The Best of 1999-2014, June 2.  Outside of the UK, Weller is well respected.  But in the UK, he's an icon and calling an album More Modern Classics is not a boast--it's simply fact. 

The last 15 years of Weller music might not be met with the same sense of surprise (and nostalgia) that his Jam and Style Council hits are, but isn't that what youth is all about? Weller has never stopped growing and never stopped trying.  And we've seen Weller live with Noel Gallagher performing "That's Entertainment" and the excitement in the crowd was overwhelming. He's the real deal.

A series of intimate shows in London are (of course) way-sold out.  If you're in Germany, he'll be in Hamburg, Cologne, and Frankfurt in May and June.  And you can bet your Pretty Green (we couldn't resist) that he'll be bring his Epiphone Casino and Dwight for those shows.  Keep your eyes peeled on for more highlights.