Rig Rundown with Matt HeafyEpiphone's Matt Heafy was in Music City recently and our friends at Premier Guitar met him before his show at Marathon Music Works in Nashville last April to check out his touring gear. Check it out! 

"The inspiration model for the Epiphone MKH LPC was my very first Gibson Les Paul Custom that my father purchased for me when I was 12," recalled Matt. "That same guitar has been recorded on most Trivium albums. Epiphone took all the dimensions and configurations of my Les Paul and we added to it a series of playability specifications that I had fine-tuned on the guitar over the years, including adding EMG 81/85 pickups and an Axcess heel (to achieve an easier playability at the highest frets). With those little modifications and a base-modeling of my original LPC - the guitar was complete."

"The Epiphone Matthew Kiichi Heafy Les Paul Custom is an instrument built with the intent that the same instrument I play live and in-studio would be the same that any guitar player could afford," continues Matt.  "I stand behind the guitar and am proud to call Epiphone my home."

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