Robb Flynn Readies Nuclear BlastMachine Head, led by our longtime Epi signature artist Robb Flynn, have released their fourth film in their ongoing series video/blog series documenting their new album. Check it out below.

"As we talked about before, one of the things we were so excited to sign with Nuclear Blast about was the next-level, special packages they do for their bands. This Machine Head setup may be their biggest yet!  There will be something akin to an 'ultra bundle' as well, which will include a completely custom Epiphone guitar (with the new lion crest artwork) courtesy of Epiphone guitars."

As for just what that Epiphone guitar will be, you'll have to stay tuned. But Flynn has already said fans should expect "massive vocal layering, drum overdubs, strings, keyboards, and quadruple tracking of the guitars."  Indeed.