For those who have access to BBC America, take some time away from the daily drudgery of your times and check out Elvis Costello: Mystery Dance, a terrific documentary on Elvis Costello, the Liverpool-born showman, bandleader, and master songwriter whose deep love of songwriting craft, pop history, and rock and roll have given us almost 40 years of terrific unclassifiable music.

He's a guitar collector, too, and as seen below with pal and sometime producer T-Bone Burnett, he never fails to have fun with whatever axe he's playing.  Along the way there have been bruises, betrayals, and even Beatles in his story.  But thank goodness he's survived in tact with his songwriting powers still bubbling hot and his voice and stage chops in fine form. It might be another generation before we can fully appreciate the special and curious place he holds in our hearts and record collections. There's really no one like him and there never will be again. A song could not have a better uncle (or jabbing little brother), than Mr. Costello.  So long live the King!  Watch the tale unfold and bring your red shoes.  And take a peak at the end of the clip below and see Elvis' dad rockin' out "If I Had A Hammer."  Woah!